How to get rid of smelly breath


Bad breath is a very common problem that affects people of every age group. On the other hand, bad breath can also be an indication of certain diseases.

It may seem simple, but untreated smelly breath may make people unsafe. Not infrequently, this condition inhibits personal relationships. Moreover, this condition is permanent within one fourth of people which feel it.

Detecting Causes of Odor

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria on the gums and tongue. Generally, this condition occurs when there is a decrease in the level of saliva which functions as a bacteria cleanser or inadequate dental hygiene. This condition is called dry mouth or xerostomia. In addition, dry mouth can also be caused by inhaling through the mouth, not through the nose. Smoking, diet, and consumption of certain foods, drinks, or drugs can also cause bad breath.

However, under certain conditions, halitosis may appear on account of

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