Ceramic Wall Color and Motifs for Minimalist Kitchen

To make the kitchen look more attractive, you must consider the floor and wall tiles. You can maximize the appearance of the kitchen interior with the right ceramic selection.

Variations in the shape of kitchen ceramics are also increasingly diverse. Well, for those of you who are confused in choosing the color and ceramic motifs for the kitchen, here are some references.

Grey Ceramic

You can feel the fresh nuances by choosing the Gray color on your kitchen ceramic. This gray color will provide a contrast effect if you combine it with other colors. The kitchen design with large grey stone tiles is very suitable for those of you who like to work in the kitchen. Gray ceramic color, combined with a wooden kitchen set, will make the kitchen look unique and different.

Ceramic floral wall

There is no harm in carrying the decorative motifs on your kitchen wall. It makes the atmosphere of the cooking room fresh and modern. You can choose ceramic with a white base so that the flower motif doesn’t seem crowded. For the floor itself, you can choose a plain white ceramic color so that the kitchen still looks neat and gives a minimalist impression.

Hexagonal ceramic

The square ceramic is probably too common. This time you can try to choose the hexagonal ceramic shape on your kitchen wall. This six-sided shape will make the wall look more detailed and neat. The white color is suitable to maximize the minimalist vibe of your kitchen.

Combine Plain white ceramics with floral designs

You can combine plain white ceramic with floral patterns on the kitchen wall. This ceramic design arrangement is quite impressive. You can arrange it on a brick wall design. The wall of the kitchen set becomes more attractive, and you can feel the kitchen fresher.

Green Ceramic

The light green color will make the kitchen look fresh and cool. You can add ceramics that have a matching color with your kitchen set. You can combine green and white tiles. This two-color blend will give the impression of elegant and fresh in your minimalist kitchen.