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Hair Color for Male with Brown Skin

Men with tanned skin not always look good in all hair colors. If it’s not right, the face can look dull. For tanned men, choose a hair color that is neutral and not too flashy. You don’t always need to choose the basic color, you can use gents colour Bondi to maximize your appearance.

Having tanned skin has indeed become one of the advantages for men who want to exude an exotic look. To refresh their appearance, men need to apply the right hair color. the following hair color recommendations are suitable for men with brown skin:

Solid black to look lighter

Basically, the principle of choosing the right hair color is to choose a color two levels darker or lighter than skin color. By using this principle, men with brown skin can use jet black as the hair dye color. If you already have black hair, you can use a special shampoo to maintain the color.

Hazelnut blonde to look more tanned

Having brown skin color doesn’t mean you can’t look cool with blonde hair. Chestnut blonde hair color is a mixture of dark hair color with golden highlights. This hair color is perfect for men whose skin is brown.

Ginger brown to look younger

This hair dye color is now a trend in Korea. Ginger brown, like reddish hair color, is a combination of brown with red that is not too striking. By using this hair color, your face will look younger. So for those of you who are confident, try this hair color now!

Dark brown for a natural look

Want to have natural hair color? You must try dark brown hair. This hair color is one level brighter than black hair. Dark brown hair looks more natural and certainly fit for tanned man.

Cinnamon brown to look more classic

At first glance, it looks the same as the color of dark brown hair. However, Cinnamon Brown’s hair color is different! Cinnamon Brown is a light brown color with a touch of copper. This hair color is very suitable for skin tones that tend to be dark.

Those are some hair color that is suitable for men with brown or tanned skin. For those of you who have brown skin, don’t hesitate to dye your hair. You can try coloring your hair with these colors. To get good hair coloring results, visit Head Office Hair immediately or check the website at https://headofficehairspecialist.com.au/