More Profitable to Rent a Car Than Buy It


For most companies in Arabia, vehicles, especially cars, are one of the assets that must be owned to support their daily operations. Cars are a vital means of carrying out company activities.

In addition, having an office operational vehicle also provides prestige for the company or office. By owning many company cars, indirectly shows the bona fides of the company.

However, deciding whether to buy a company vehicle is not an easy thing, considering the costs incurred will certainly affect the company’s finances. Then an alternative emerged to still have an operational vehicle by way of car rental.

Currently, there are quite a number of car rental companies in several major cities in Indonesia that are easily found, with competitive prices and better quality of service.

One of the most important decisions in running a business is deciding to buy assets or rent a car for business operations. This difficult choice will indeed affect the future development and profitability of the company.

Then, what are the benefits and savings that can be obtained when choosing to rent a car instead of buying a company operational car?

If car rental is an option, the benefits that can be obtained include:

  • No Need to Think About Vehicle Maintenance Budget

By renting a car, companies do not need to estimate the cost of maintaining a vehicle, which is currently increasingly expensive, either periodic servicing or replacement of inexpensive spare parts. Moreover, if the car is getting longer, the maintenance costs to be incurred will also be even greater. By renting, you don’t to think about oil changes, tune ups, and various other types of maintenance because those are the responsibility of the car rental company.

  • Always Excellent Vehicle Condition

Every car rental company always checks their vehicle before loaning it to tenants. They make sure that the vehicle is fit for use. In addition, most of the cars for rent are also cars with new series and types. If there is damage, the tenant only needs to contact the car rental company to immediately repair it.

  • No Need to Find a Driver and Drive Yourself

Usually the problems that arise when using a new car unit, sometimes companies have to find a driver to travel. By renting, companies don’t have to bother looking for drivers because usually car rental companies already offer rental facilities with a driver’s choice or without a driver.

  • Limited parking space is no longer a problem

In big cities like Dubai, parking space is currently increasingly limited. If the company owns a lot of cars, this will become a new problem if the company parking space is already limited. By renting, companies will not have to bother with this increasingly expensive parking lot problem because after use, the car will be immediately returned to the rental car.

With the many advantages offered when renting a car for a company, renting is a more profitable and efficient option than buying a new car unit. Moreover, Dubai car rental prices are now increasingly competitive and friendly so that companies will be more efficient in spending budgets to meet transportation needs

In addition, the use of a car that is not used every day is also a major consideration because if the car is only used at certain times, the car will only take up parking space and its use will be less than optimal. Even though the costs incurred to buy this car reached hundreds of millions. Wouldn’t that much better be used for the development of another company than just buying a car? Moreover, by renting a car, your company will always get new cars in prime condition and more affordable operating costs.

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