Parents’ Obligations to Children So That Their Future Is Resounding

Maintaining the child’s growth and development is one of the parents’ trust in the child that cannot be ignored. Being a good parent is to carry out obligations and follow the child’s growth.

The purpose of all that is to keep parents and children from going too far. It would also be better if the child felt that the parents were where they were sheltered and shared.

Being a parent is not an easy role. But it’s not impossible to always do your best. Not only from a parent’s point of view but also from the child’s point of view.

Here are some parental obligations to the child that needs to be done for the child to grow into a better and happier person every day.

Giving Compassion

The first and fore business point that needs to be done as a parent’s duty to the child is to give affection to their child. Do not distinguish between one another and do not choose love in the child.

Compassion can be shown from polite and painless speech, as well as humanizing human treatment.

Parents should know how to treat the child according to the child’s mental state and circumstances at that time. Whether parents will take on the role of:

  • leaders who direct and demand something
  • friends who listen to their stories
  • admirers who give credit for their children’s efforts
  • or a wise man who gives which advice is right and wrong?

Everything matters. So, let’s think about those things from now on.


Providing an education that is the foundation of the child’s early life is the obligation of the parents. Not a school academic education, but a character education that can direct a child to have a commendable character so that it can plunge into society well.

Domestic education is not only the duty of the mother, the father also needs to take on the role.

Do not because the father and mother have little time because they have to work, then the obligation is transferred to the child caretaker. At least take a few hours each day for the child. Take the same time and consistently do it every day.

In addition to bringing out the good character in the child, this parental involvement can also make the psychological side of the child safer because of the protection of the parents.

Planting religious and moral values can be tucked away by parents when spending time with their children.

Supporting the Child

Giving a living is a parent’s obligation to the child that belongs to the main obligation. Although the father is indeed the backbone of the family, it is also adapted to the condition of each family.

Fathers and mothers have the same obligation to support the child according to their respective roles.

Some of the things that children need in general are food, drinks, shelter, clothing, education, and some other staples.

While secondary needs such as personal caregivers, electronic goods, and many kinds, need to be tailored to the needs of each child and family.

But making a living for the child as well as possible is not the main reason parents do not have the opportunity to see and accompany their growth. It is good to be balanced between the fulfillment of the child’s spiritual and physical obligations.

Become a Child’s Example

Parents are the first figures to set an example for a child. Children will learn right and wrong from their parents. How speech, everyday behavior to how to treat others.

Indeed every human being, even with a child, has an instinct to do the truth. But the palace must be maintained to develop properly.

In addition to providing character education as mentioned earlier, the practice also needs to be applied. Practice can be done by exemplary for children in daily life. This will make the child grow up well according to the teachings of religion, manners, and morals.

Choosing your Next Place of Education

In addition to educating in the family environment, the parent’s obligation to the other child is to find a place of care or education for the child. Avoid being excused for being busy just to choose their place of education.

Choosing a good educational place is necessary so that the well-planted foundations of the house are not destroyed simply because of the wrong choice of a good school or parenting. You can also give supplement promind complex to help address gaps in their memory

Choose a place that suits your child’s condition and potential so they can develop their talents well. Besides, choose a place where your vision and mission are also in line with the mission vision set in your family environment.

Such is the series of some parental obligations to the child that parents should do so that the future of the child is resounding. This can be done as early as possible until they have decided on their own life.