Various Types of Motorbike You Find On The Road

It is undeniable that for now, the ownership of a motorcycle has become a necessity. Many of us use motorbikes as a means of transportation and several other activities. Compared to a bicycle or even a car, a motorcycle has a beneficial function with a not-so-high budget.

Take a look at these four types of common motorbikes on the road:


Motorsport has power and speed above average. That is because this type of motor has a larger engine cylinder capacity, for example, the Aprilia bikes RS 660, which has an engine capacity of up to 660 CC. According to its type, this motorbike is common for racing competition. However, some use it for daily activities. With a handsome appearance and trendy look, most motorsports are attractive to many people, especially men.

Street Motorcycle

Among all types of motorcycles, Street motorcycles are a type of motor with the highest number of users. This type of motor still uses a manual system without a clutch with a small cylinder capacity. The small yet recalcitrant engine capacity makes Street motorcycle very beneficial for the riders.

Matic motorcycle

A few years after the Street motorcycle appeared, the automatic ones followed. Just like its name, this type of motor uses an automated transmission system in gearshift. This type of motorbike is very suitable for busy roads with traffic jams. It is effortless to use it, pull the gas lever and pull the brakes to turn it on. In the beginning, this type of motorbike was specifically designed for female riders. However, today you can find many male riders are interested in automatic motorbikes as well.

Dirt Bike

The last type of motorbike is the dirt bike. Dirt bike is special for muddy roads or steep terrain on mountain trails. Although it looks frightening and extreme, the dirt bike has a higher torque with a relatively lighter weight than the other type of motorsport.

Therefore, this type of motor will feel very comfortable to use on a bumpy road full of obstacles.